Client Referral Incentive Program

How does a client earn a referral reward?
• Current client refers us to a merchant not currently taking part in any of our services.
• Referred business places an order for a 6 month or more agreement.

What is the reward?
• A $250 Voucher valid towards additional digital advertising with Digital Impact Guides, LLC.

What types of advertising is included in the program?
• Banner advertising on website
• High Impact Ad Positions
• Featured Business Email
• Mobile advertising on mobile site
*Some advertising positions are subject to availability.

What type of advertising is NOT included in the program?
Any and all services on the following:
• Impact Packages
• A la carte Digital Marketing Services
• Social Boost
• Any and all targeted display ad options

What constitutes a current advertiser?
Has actively advertised within the last 30 days.

Is there a max reward amount an advertiser can earn in a year?

Is there a limit to how many advertisers a client can refer in a year?

Which clients are NOT eligible to be referred?
• Current digital clients
•A client who has advertised in the last 2 years

Which advertisers ARE eligible to be referred?
• New advertisers
• Past advertisers (who have not advertised within the last two years)
• Local branches/offices, even if the parent company is a current advertiser (as long as the referring member is not employed by the local branch/company)

What constitutes a referral?
• Current client refers a business name to a local Digital or Multimedia Consultant.
• Referred Client agrees to a six (6) month or more digital agreement.

When is the reward available to be redeemed?
Valid beginning 30 days after the Referred Client is active.
Valid for one calendar year.

Interested in referring another business?
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